Mission Statement of the Westfield Community Concert Band

The Westfield Community Concert Band is among the longest standing community
bands in the United States with continual playing since 1912. While its principal role
is that of an artistic music ensemble, it does also provide a more utilitarian role for the
community through events such as parades, the annual Christmas tree lighting festivities
and other local events. The primary purposes for the ensemble as an artistic ensemble are three fold.

1. The community concert band is a non-professional musical ensemble comprised of
adult musicians from Westfield and neighboring communities who have demonstrated
both a strong interest and proficiency as instrumental musicians as well as a great interest
in continuing to enjoy and improve their musical skills through performance of the
highest standards.

2. To preserve the rich heritage that community bands and quality wind band literature,
both original and transcriptions, have long provided to communities throughout the
United State and across the globe.

3. To enrich, educate, and entertain the general public through live performances as well
as to provide a source of cultural pride for the citizens of Westfield.

Dr. Thomas Connors
June 2011